• Ordering howto?

    1. Send us email ([email protected]) for the payment link.

    2. After successful payment, you will receive your Service!
    3. If you want to extend your current service, than say in email that you want extend and send us your cccam/iptv details.

    Nasil siparis edilir?

    1. Odeme linki icin email ([email protected]) atin.

    2. Odeme basarili olduktan sonra size Servisiniz yollanir!
    4. Eger mevcut servisinizi uzatmak icin odeme yaptiysaniz, bunu emailde belirtin ve cccam/iptv bilgilerinizide beraber gonderin.

Contact & Support

  • For contact or info please email us! / Yardim ve sorulariniz icin lutfen mail atin!

  • Email: info @ Tjurk.com